In the Spotlight: Cohen & Grigsby

Law team helps clients weave through immigration maze

Ellen Freeman, born Elena Kutseyko, came to the United States as a refugee from the former Soviet Union in 1993.

Since that time, she has married an American, changed her first name to Ellen, and become a lawyer at the Downtown law firm Cohen & Grigsby.

“I appreciate the United States very much,” Freeman said. “It was my dream to come here.”

Larry Lebowitz, front right, Ellen Freeman, front left, Matthew T. Phillips, background left, and Jeffrey Van Doren practice immigration law at the Downtown law firm Cohen & Grigsby. (Gabor Degre, Post-Gazette)

An immigration lawyer who seeks to obtain work visas for foreign nationals, Freeman is constantly reminded of the contrast between her past and her present. And she knows that each day she holds clients’ futures in her hands, in the visa applications she handles for them.

Original Source by Stephanie Franken, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

Ellen Freeman

Ellen Freeman

Ellen Freeman - Trusted Immigration Lawyer | Immigration Law Group PLLC With nearly 20 years of practice in all facets of employment-based immigration, Ellen works with growing organizations to advise on U.S. immigration law, strategy, compliance and training. Her depth of experience fully supports clients moving through the complex steps of business growth and shifting employment strategy, including formation of corporate entities, establishment of U.S. operations and applications for temporary visas through permanent residence.