It's the DREAM

With over 20 years of practice in all facets of employment-based immigration, Ellen works with growing organizations to advise on U.S. immigration law, strategy, compliance and training. Her depth of experience fully supports clients moving through the complex steps of business growth and shifting employment strategy, including formation of corporate entities, establishment of U.S. operations and applications for temporary visas through permanent residence.

Non-immigrant Visas

A Temporary Worker Visa is for a prospective employee who plans to enter the US with specific employment for a defined period of time. The prospective employer must first file a petition with US Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Working in the United States is a dream for many people. It can also become a necessity when a foreign company with a US affiliate needs to transfer a worker from his or her home country to work at the company’s US business.

Family-sponsored Permanent Residency

Immigration to the US based on a relationship to a current US citizen or permanent resident with a green card, who can sponsor new immigrant. 

“My clients inspire me to work hard on their behalf; helping them achieve their dreams by being a business partner and problem solver.”

Ellen Freeman